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The Mercedes-Benz launched a new compact family car in the year of 1997 is known as A class cars. The Benz introduced three generations of cars in this class. The first generation is introduced in the year of 1997, the second generation is launched in 2004, and the third generation launched in 2012. A brief explanation of the three generation cars with Mercedes wheels are explained in the following paragraphs.

First Generation Cars

The first generation cars were launched in the autumn of 1997.  The Mercedes kept the car name as W168 line. But it had some problems in the elk test. The Mercedes-Benz introduced the electronic stability control to overcome this problem in A class cars. The electronic stability control is used for reducing and recognizing the traction in a car.

In the period of 1997-2004, the 1.1 million cars had been sold. The engine used in the first generation A class petrol version cars were 1.4L and 1.6L. The engine used in A class diesel version car was 1.7L. The Mercedes long wheelbase is used in the A class cars. The A class first generation cars are mostly produced in the Brazilian plant.

Second Generation Cars

The first generation cars are replaced with the second-generation car in the year 2004. The second generation car is called as W169 line. The second generation cars are established with Mercedes wheels using steel alloys and heavy padded bonded joints. The features of the second generation cars were airbags in the rear seats and thorax protection airbags.

The smart seatbelt was introduced in the second generation cars in order to reduce the collision affect the passengers. The cargo capacity in A class second generation cars was 15 percent larger than first generation cars.

The second generation cars had engines of four petrol type versions and three type versions. The Continuously variable transmission (CVT) is launched in the A class second generation cars. The CVT is used for maintaining the regular angular velocity. The second generation cars had ABS (Antilock Braking System) and Electronic stability control like the first generation cars. What can add more safety to your car? Of course it is nothing but the wheels, so getting best wheels and rims are the most important aspect. Hence always buy wheels and rims from a reputed provider like UsaRim.

Third Generation Cars

The third generation cars are introduced in the year of 2012. The third generation is designed totally different from other two-generation cars. The third generation car is larger than previous generations and its performance is also better than the other two generation cars. The features such as radar-based collision assistant are introduced in the third generation’s cars and the outer look is designed based on F800 cars.

The powerful Mercedes wheelbase is introduced in third generation cars with 4MATIC and curve dynamic assist is also loaded in the third generation cars. The high-performance brake system is also used in this A class cars. The powerful Mercedes wheel is made up of lightweight steel alloys. This alloy wheel is used to increase the life of the tire and increase the performance of the cars.


Advertise Your Automobile Business in Style

Proper advertisement can do wonders to your new start up or can boost up the turnover of your already existing showroom. Well, in today’s world, it is very important that you take advertisement seriously. Remember that this is not a monopoly market and there are so many other companies out there, providing the same kind of products and services. So, make sure that if not the details, but at least the name and basics of the business should spread among people.


Tell me something, while you are on the road during a traffic jam or are passing by a car, don’t you notice the flag or car signs on it? You do, right? Automotive promotional products can be of various kinds and can create a great impact on the minds of people. But firstly, think of an attractive logo and tagline. The tagline should give a little picture about the kind of products or services you offer. In this blog, I will tell you about various kinds of advertisements which can be attached to vans, cars, and other transports. Take a look at the following types of interesting car signs.

  • Car bows – One of the best automotive advertisements is car bows. Make sure the bows are catchy and attractive so that it grabs the maximum number of eyeballs. Don’t compromise with the quality of the bow; contact a good company for this service. What you can do is research online to find out the best and nearest company who makes various kinds of automotive advertisements.
  • Car flags – Another traditional method of promoting automobile business is the usage of car flags. Car flags are nothing new and have been successful in spreading the names of many companies over the years. Get them customized in a way so that it creates an impact on everyone who sees it. If you are unsure of interesting ideas which should be used on the flags, you can, of course, ask your retailer to help you out with samples. Going through a few magazines or websites may help you as well. These kind of promotional items are not only used for spreading the name of your business, but also for inviting customers on special occasions to your showroom!
  • Banners – You can add little details like contact number on this form of advertisement. Banners are great for promoting events like car launch or new showroom opening. Banners with catchy lines like “best price” or “sale” can attract many customers to your showroom. You will get many companies which provide attractive banners for promoting companies! Choosing a wrong company can result in ugly and shabby banners and flags, which will not ultimately be fruitful, and would not increase the sell value.
  • Windshield numbers – The fourth kind of transport advertisement technique is windshield numbers. Windshield numbers are used by various companies for letting people know anything and everything like a contact number or the new offer price of a particular automobile.
  • Reusable balloons – You can also use this form of advertisement technique for boosting up the sales value of your automobiles. Use them when there is some special occasion like launching a new model of automobile.


Automobile dealerships are common and many dealers actually find it difficult to increase footfalls in their showroom. Mainly because of high competition level. And thus, you need effective solutions like car signs. Contact a company for providing you with products like reusable balloons, car signs, windshield numbers, banners, car flags, banners and bows at the earliest, and make sure that the website of the company has got positive customer feedbacks! Compare prices before opting for a particular company.

Proper Cleaning Methods for Mercedes Benz Owner

mercedes-benzSo what do you do? How precisely would it be advisable for you to take care of your Mercedes Benz in order to guarantee it doesn’t get harmed thus that all soil is expelled? It’s a hard question to reply.

Well we should cover a couple of the significant tips for cleaning your Mercedes Benz, politeness and afterward you can settle on a choice about which is the best alternative.

1) Avoid  auto car washes. These sorts of auto wash are not made to altogether or securely wash your auto as they are made to permit the same number of autos to go through in the most limited time conceivable. It’s about benefit. You ought to likewise realize that the rollers could possibly wind up harming your auto by pulling off parts of trim, harming radio aerials, wing mirrors and spoilers. So it may be worth choosing to consider another cleaning strategy.

2) How about a manual car wash? A hand car wash may offer a more thorough job than automated car washes but sadly they too suffer similar disadvantages. Manual car washes, like automatic ones are not always designed to clean your vehicle safely and reach the best possible results. Also if you choose to clean your Mercedes Benz yourself you aren’t likely to have the expertise to clean it to a professional level and are very likely to scratch it.

3) You should use a quality valet service. If you head over to your local Mercedes Benz dealer then they may have their own valet service, if they do, it would be a good choice to make use of it. If not, they could have connections to a valet service or recommend you to a decent service locally. Ideally you should use a company that specialise in Mercedes Benz cleaning but these can be hard to locate. Therefore you might have to visit a general valet service.

4) What level of service can you expect? The many car cleaning services that are provided include full hand wash and vacuum cleaning, interior detailing and shampoo, leather treatment, upholstery and fabric cleaning, polishing, paint protection, engine cleaning, dent removal, window tinting, windshield repair and rust proofing. Knowing which services are available to you means that you can make informed requests and it ensures that you get what you paid for. In fact, many people who have taken out a Mercedes Benz leasing deal have said they regularly use such a service.

5) Shop around before making a decision. You must speak to a couple of valet firms so that you can compare their services and prices and select the one that offers the most. It is vital that you do this as you want to the best possible performance from your Mercedes Benz, so it is important to get what you paid for.

The use of a decent car valet service will ensure that your car is maintained in top condition and that you travel in comfort and luxury, which is just what you expect if you have just taken out a Mercedes Benz leasing deal.

Performance Cars for All Occasions

In the event that you are an aficionado of lively, execution autos, you are spoilt for decision in the present market. There are various top producers that offer these autos, including BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari and some more. You can even get execution family autos which not just offer the style and the speed you need, however the reasonableness you require! You can get incredible arrangements on current execution autos from your nearby merchant and even second-hand, so investigate today!

You can utilize the web to get some answers concerning current brands and models to locate the ideal games auto to suit your style, taste and spending plan. Indeed, even down to the fine points of interest, for example, mileage, trim and wheel estimate, you can hunt down the auto you need through numerous merchants and sites. Online merchants offer an extensive variety of execution autos including Jaguars, BMWs, Audis, Volkswagens and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, even a portion of the more sensible makers create energetic autos, including the Honda Civic Type R and the Ford Focus. Execution autos likewise come in execution hues, from electric orange to sleek tones of red. A few merchants offer an email benefit whereby they will email you when your preferred auto gets to be accessible.

Performance cars often have some of the high end features of luxury cars including leather seats, voice control, built in sat nav and much more. Buying a performance car need no longer be expensive, as used car dealerships offer a wide range of great vehicles to choose from, with all of the same luxuries at a fraction of the cost. Modern performance cars are built with the driver in mind, as they offer a superior driving experience, better handling and other driver aids such as traction control.

Audi, Volkswagen, Hondas and Fords are among the more affordable performance cars. For example the Honda Civic Type R is praised by critics for its fantastic driving experience and cornering abilities. Used dealerships will often check over the car thoroughly and ensure that everything is working correctly, so you are not disappointed with your new “dream car”. The majority also offer various finance packages, such as interest free finance, low rate finance packages and ways to buy a car without leaving a deposit. The professionals help you choose the package that best suits your situation. Thanks to their service, driving away with the car of your dreams is now easy, affordable and hassle free!

Do-it-Yourself Car Audio System Installation

car-audio-system-installationSimply suppose you have a lovely rich auto yet no auto stereo in it! How you would feel about the entire thing? The primary thing which splits your brain is to get an auto sound framework introduced in it. Be that as it may, at the same time, you’d additionally get a kick out of the chance to know the aggregate cost required in auto stereo establishment. Around here the cost sparing proposal that will work for you is to go for DIY auto stereo establishment methods. The greater part of the ultra howdy tech auto sound frameworks are minimized which make them simple to introduce and simple to oversee. Subsequently, you don’t have to surge around and search for an auto sound framework establishment benefit. It doesn’t matters at all in the event that you have not introduced auto sound framework before. It doesn’t matters in the event that you are a specialist sound or gadgets build. DIY auto sound framework establishment will even now be the proper thing to do and make your auto inside musically jolted. DIY auto sound establishment is an exciting knowledge and clearly a learning background for you. It feels truly extraordinary to introduce hello there tech gadget like an auto stereo framework inside your auto and work it with finish flawlessness.

Here are few things which you need to keep in your mind when going for DIY Car Audio System Installation:

Check the model of car stereo which you are planning to install in your car – There are several car stereo models available in the car accessory market. There are certain car audio systems that will not fit perfectly with the car automotive system. A car audio system may eat more of your car battery’s power and discharge it quickly as the result of which the main functions of your car get hampered. In case the audio system is a complex device with multiple arrays and assortments, prefer not to go for DIY Car Audio System Installation. Some of advanced auto car stereos require creation of custom panels and installation of equipment like LCD panels etc. All of this might not be your cup of tea. To be on the safer side, do not try for DIY method.

Check vibrations and impedance issues when DIY Auto Stereo Installation – Impedance and other high frequency vibrations will jeopardize the car audio system. Therefore, you need to install the car audio system in the manner that eliminates impedance and noises. This will ensure hi fidelity sound and you will enjoy listening to quality music all the time while you are driving. In luxury cars there’s proper use of Linings, sprays and adhesive material, and therefore noises and impedance’s are controlled. However, the problem of noise and impedance will occur in case of non luxury or basic car models.

In a simple DIY Car Mobile Video, you will fit the speakers exactly in the place which is meant for them. Keep in your mind that when you install the speakers there are absolutely no gaps or holes. You can always go for wood or fiberglass baffle as this will help in reductions of holes that you other drill to fit the car audio speakers.

About Car Seat Covers

In the event that you have ever had a spill on your auto situate covers on your tyke’s auto situate you will realize that it is an aggregate bad dream to clean. A portion of the main size auto seats don’t have removable covers so it requires cleaning with a fabric and leaving to dry. A portion of the auto seats for more established youngsters do have removable auto situate covers however it takes a degree in designing to take off and after that it’s considerably harder to get back on and ensure that the straps are all strung through effectively and not turned.

The most straightforward approach to maintain a strategic distance from this issue is to have something that covers the auto situate that you can undoubtedly take off, wash, dry and set back on. There are numerous items available that can carry out this employment, a significant number of them are a straightforward cover that permit the straps through and have flexible to secure them round the back of the seat. As an option you can purchase covers that have other down to earth advantages, for example, consolidating a cover or pockets to keep things in or sun shades and so forth.

Of course children and babies are not the only ones that can benefit from car seat covers; you can also buy car seat covers for standard seats in the car. It makes it so much easier to keep the car clean and tidy and of course when you come to sell the car there will be less mess and wear on the seats which will make the car worth more or help to sell it. You can also buy heavy duty covers which are great for people who work in dirty environments such as building sites or vehicle recovery

As well as practical car seat covers, there are also the covers that make it more comfortable to sit for long periods in the car if you travel a lot. I remember when I was younger the bead covers were very popular and supposedly more comfortable, although they don’t really protect the actually seat very much from spills. Of course there are many people who just buy car seat covers purely to make their car look good, the most popular make your seats look like the sort of seats you get in race cars or rally cars.

If you are looking at car seat covers, people are often draw to colours and designs that they like, but it is worth thinking about the practicalities of getting the cover on and off the seat and also whether it can be washed easily in a washing machine and dried, it also worth looking to see how easy it is to get it back on to the seat. If you think you are likely to be washing it regularly, not researching this may be a big mistake, it is worth searching for reviews on products you see to check how people have got on with them

About Hybrid Cars

With the expanding fuel value, it is vital that you have a profound information of productively driving an auto by directing the measure of fuel. Firstly, the best auto to be utilized these days is a half and half auto. We as a whole realize that a half and half auto is a vehicle that utilizations more than one wellspring of vitality for impetus. Every half breed auto have an inside ignition motor and a fuel tank. Aside from the impetus from fuel, the auto can likewise be set to be driven utilizing electrical vitality. Therefore, the auto is likewise furnished with batteries. Subsequently the auto acquires execution furthermore better fuel effectiveness with the mix of both these modes. The absolute most generally accessible and top of the line crossover autos in the market are Toyota Prius, Cardillac Escalade, Chevy Silverado and Ford Fusion.

A mixture auto is known to be more productive when it is driven for long separations. The main detriment of the auto is that its underlying expense is path higher than a typical auto with similar power. The ascent in starting is because of the establishment of double power modes inside the auto.

Here are some basic features and specifications that are to be noted while buying a car.

# Motor Generator (MG) – The electric motors that are used in a hybrid ca is commonly referred to as MG. The number of motors used in a car varies according to the manufacturers make. Most hybrid cars have two motors while high power cars have three.

# Start /Stop – This is one of the most important features of a hybrid car. This feature is used for saving fuel while driving in between heavy traffic and towns, where the driving needs to continuously apply and releases brakes. When the driver decelerates the car by applying brakes, the engine automatically stops, and when the driver releases the brakes, the engine automatically starts again. This feature is controlled by the car motor.

# Regenerative Braking – As the hybrid car has a battery, it has to be charged at intervals by the car itself. This property is carried out by regenerative braking and is carried out by the motor. In any motor, an excess of momentum is always created and this momentum is used for providing the electric power. In normal cars, this momentum is usually wasted in brakes.

# Electric Drive – The fuel can be fully saved by running the car only in electrical mode. But, this mode can be selected only while driving along straight and non-bumpy roads. It cannot be used in curves and bumpy roads as the amount of power generated in electrical mode is way less when compared to the fuel mode. Thus, it can be seen as a disadvantage as well, as the car cannot be taken to a speed above a certain limit. The performance of the car in such a mode will greatly depend on the aerodynamic design of the car, the motor section and also on the battery life.


About Electric Car Battery

On the off chance that you are wanting to purchase an electric auto, you should have a profound learning about the essential details of an electric auto battery like its range, limit furthermore charging mode. The limit of a battery is chiefly indicated in order to know its energy. Along these lines, it is determined in Kilowatt hours, like a home power determination. Most battery makers indicate the greatest rating of a battery (Example: 25Kwh or 50Kwh). It is noticed that amid the reasonable utilization of the battery, it is difficult to get the greatest rate of the battery. In this way, the makers additionally characterize a “condition of charge” instrument, amid which the battery keeps up more life and opposes harm. As indicated by this component, the battery ought not be utilized for more than 70% if it’s appraised limit.

With regards to the charging of the hitter, the greatest stress will be over the cost. The cost of charging your battery will rely on upon numerous variables like the extent of your battery and its rating, the voltage of the charger et cetera. The cost for charging a 240 volts battery will be more than charging a 120 volts battery. As the size and voltage rating builds, the time taken for the charging will likewise increment. This in this manner expands the cost. It likewise relies on upon the place that you select to charge. In the event that you select a bustling town the cost will be truly high. The time that you select to charge your auto battery is likewise imperative. Amid pinnacle time the cost will be truly high.

You may also have to bear the losses that occur while charging a battery. One of the main factors causing loss of electricity is the dissipation of heat. That is, if you charged a battery for 20Kwh, in practical you will have the battery filled with only 18Kwh. The rest 2Kwh will be lost as heat.

When we drive a fuel operated car, we commonly associate the fuel efficiency with the term called mileage. The same term is referred to as range in the case of an electric car. That is, the number of miles that an electric car can travel when its battery is fully charged is known as its range. The greatest disadvantage of an electric car is that its battery range can never be determined. That is the range will be different every time the battery is charged. The inadequate change is due to abrupt temperature variations, quick acceleration and heavy braking by the driver, immature driving skills and so on. If a car battery manufacturer says that you will get 100 miles range by using his battery, you must not expect more than 70 miles per hour. But, there may be cases when you may get more than 100 miles per hour as the manufacturer’s prediction may also be wrong.

Thus, you can get an accurate range of an electrical car only by trial and error method. You will have to note down all the different ranges you get when you drive through different roads and temperatures and use them in the future.

Things You Should Check Before Purchase Used Vehicle

There are 13 Major Things that should be taken a gander at first to figure out whether the auto merits purchasing. Obviously there are different things to consider, for example, Air Conditioning, Heater and Lights to give some examples.


When you are looking for a “GOOD” used vehicle, there are some quick tell tale signs to look for, to see if you are getting a “GOOD” used vehicle or a vehicle that is on its last legs. The main questions you have to ask yourself when inspecting this vehicle is, “How well maintained is it”? And “how well has it been taken care of”? Some people do their own maintenance; some take it to a professional. People that take their vehicle to a professional or shop/garage will have maintenance records. Chances are this vehicle was taken care of. People that do their own work on their vehicle won’t have maintenance records. Chances are this vehicle was not as well maintained. The following should help you determine the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY.

1) ENGINE OIL. OIL SHOULD BE CHANGED EVERY 3,000-MILES OR 3 MONTHS. Years ago when you took your car in for an oil change the mechanic would put a sticker in your door jam with information on when the next time you would need another oil change or service. Today, virtually everybody uses those clear static stickers you put in the upper left hand side of your windshield. Personally, I love them. Whoever thinks to check the sticker in the door when you’re stopped? I would always think about it going down the road, and then forget to check it when I got out of my vehicle. Now you just look up and can tell when you need an oil change. So you should check and see if there is a sticker in the windshield. This would tell you when the oil was changed last and when it should be changed again. If it is faded so bad you can’t see the writing on it, then it has been a while since it had an oil change. You should also check the oil level and how clean it is. This also tells a story. If it’s really black, maybe the oil wasn’t changed as often as it should have been or it’s been a long time since it was changed.

2) TRANSMISSION OIL. OIL SHOULD BE CHANGED EVERY 24,000 MILES. New transmission oil is a bright red color. The older it gets, the darker it will be. With today’s technologies, most shops now have a transmission flush machine that will basically give the transmission a “transfusion”. That will help prolong the life of the transmission. So if your prospective used vehicle has more than 24,000 miles on it, and has bright red transmission fluid, chances are the owner had a flush done, which tells you they are maintaining the vehicle. You can also smell the fluid, if it is dark and has a burnt smell, that transmission is ready to fail, very soon. Bright fluid should never smell burnt. If it does, the owner is trying to hide something.

3) POWER STEERING FLUID. Most people don’t even think about power steering until it doesn’t work, but it can cost a lot of money to fix, if it goes bad. If it’s low, you have a leak. Check the power steering hoses for oil seepage. Don’t see any leaks, then the steering rack seals could be the problem. Believe it or not, they can leak but you may not see it right away. You could leak up to a quart of fluid into the end boots, before the pressure breaks a boot, unless the boots are ripped or torn. When you check the fluid level, check the condition of the oil. If the fluid is light your fine. If it’s dark, it needs to be flushed. Most shops now have a power steering flush machine that replaces old dark fluid, with new light fluid. If an older vehicle has light fluid, the owner may have had it flushed, or a recent repair.


Anti-Freeze will break down over time, become rusty and cause different problems including water pump failure, leaking freeze plugs, engine overheating, head gasket and heater failure, to name a few. It is very important to keep fresh chemically balanced, (PH, Nitrite and Glycol), anti-freeze in your radiator. With all the different metals used in today’s vehicles, anti-freeze can break down and cause a lot of harm. The computer sensors can also get coated with rust and send the wrong signal to the computer. There are several different color anti-freezes in today’s vehicles. The most popular is green. Basically when you look at anti-freeze, you want to see if it’s been changed regularly. See if it looks “clean”. If you take the radiator cap off, the level should be right there below the cap, and clean. It should not have any rust or brown; build up in the neck or cap area. (Please make sure the vehicle is not hot when you take the cap off, the anti-freeze is under pressure and will explode and burn you if it is hot when you take the cap off). You should only take the cap off when the engine is cool. (NOTE: TOYOTA HAS A FACTORY INSTALLED DARK BROWN ANTI-FREEZE)

5) ANTI-FREEZE RECOVERY BOTTLE Recovery bottles can tell a story at a glance. Is the level where it is supposed to be? If not, there could be a leak, or nobody ever checks it. If the vehicle is getting regular maintenance, then that bottle should be checked at least every time it gets an oil change. Does it have a bunch of brown goo in the bottom of it? That’s an indication of rust in the cooling system. Chances are the radiator is just as bad. If this is a newer GM vehicle with Dex-cool, (Extended Life), then it is an indication of a leak, because Dex-cool coagulates when there is a leak in the system. By the way, Dex-cool is an orange color. GM also puts a sticker nearby, indicating that there is Dex-cool in the radiator.

6) BRAKE FLUID and LEVEL Check the brake fluid level. If it is low, there could be a leak somewhere or it may soon need a brake job. Normally brake fluid will be a little dark. Too dark could be a problem. If there is sludge on the bottom of the master cylinder, it could be on its way to need a new one soon. If the fluid is really clean, someone just put a new master cylinder on or flushed the system. Most shops will do brake system flushes.

7) BATTERY TERMINALS It is not good to see a lot of corrosion on the terminals. That means this vehicle was not taken care of. I think one of the best inventions were those little felt washers you put on the battery terminals. They work if you use the right ones. I have installed a lot of batteries and as a courtesy to my clients; I put those washers on. Now just any old washers won’t do, you need them to be impregnated with a special chemical. What causes corrosion is the vapors coming from the battery as the Alternator recharges it. Excessive corrosion will give you electrical problems, if it is not taken care of.

8) BELTS Not much to talk about here. If they are cracked, or frayed, they will need to be replaced.

9) TIRES Check for small cracks on the sidewall of the tire. That indicates old tires. Put a quarter on end, head down, in between the tire tread. If the tread does not come up to the top of the head, new tires are needed. If it goes beyond the top of the head, they should be good to go.

10) MAINTENANCE RECORDS If they have good maintenance records, that will tell the true story. You can see every repair that was done to the vehicle. Most people don’t do this.

11) SMOKE COMING OUT OF THE TAIL PIPE You will see some white smoke in the morning, or when it’s cold outside. This is normal. Rev the engine up a little and look at the tail pipe to see if smoke is coming out. You may see a little grey smoke which is normal.

There are 4 different types of smoke:

– Grey. You see this more on carbureted engines. It indicates a rich mixture of fuel when you rev the engine. It’s normal, but it should clear.

– White, which indicates water vapor, or a possible blown head gasket or cracked head.

– Blue smoke, indicating the engine is burning oil. Blue smoke is a little hard to see. It will look white, but you need to look through the smoke to see the blue most of the time. This sounds weird until you actually see the blue smoke, then you will understand what I am talking about.

– Black, indicating excessive fuel burning. Black smoke is actually unburned fuel, and indicates a problem with fuel delivery and should be addressed.

12) RUST This is an indicator that this vehicle came from the Snow Belt where salt is put on the road to melt ice for traction. You will find rust on the undercarriage, which will require you to get under the car. You can also find rust under the floor mat in the trunk, or under the hood of the car.

13) FLOODING DAMAGE This is something that is not real easy to detect, but is becoming a big problem with all the flooding occurring elsewhere. Expect to see vehicles coming from New Orleans and other Katrina and Rita flood zones. Silt and dirt get in the carpet and Upholstery, but worse it is in all the electronics. I have taken computers out of Vehicles and they are filled with silt or dirt. These vehicles are usually sold as the “Really Good deal”. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

The Essential of Brakes and Tires

brakes-and-tiresSqueeeeeeel. When you hear it alongside you from another auto, it’s irritating. When you hear it from your own auto, it’s startling.

The trap is to decide when it is only a characteristic mechanical sound of brakes doing their occupation, or when is it an indication of genuine mechanical disappointment? Somewhat criminologist chip away at your part, will prop you up or, for this situation, halting for innumerable miles to come.

Advanced semi-metallic brake cushions are no longer made of asbestos (on account of the EPA), however of modest metal shavings and different materials compacted firmly together. These have astounding halting force and long wear life, in any case, tragically, they regularly make clamor in light of the metal strands contained in them. Less expensive cushions are made of milder material and are some of the time calmer than premium quality cushions, yet don’t wear also. Picture an Oreo treat. The white filling is your brake rotor, and the treats are your brake cushions. The rotor is produced using a metal that has a smooth, smooth complete to it, and the cushions made up of the modest metal shavings likewise have a smooth, smooth wrap up. In the event that you rub, metal on metal, regardless of the possibility that it’s about minute metal filaments, you can envision how you’re going to hear some screeching. In such cases, it’s not a noteworthy issue and not worth agonizing over as a driver.

Changes in temperature or changes in the dampness substance of the environment additionally influence grinding attributes that can set off a round of squeaking and screeching. In these cases, mediation by your repairman isn’t essential. For instance, if your auto sits for some time or is not driven all the time, stormy or blanketed climate can bring about a thin film of rust to frame on your rotors. At the point when the brake cushions press against this rust, they will screech. Now and again a couple of harder-than-normal stops can “de-coat” the rust and the screeching will stop.

However, when should you consult a professional to look at your brakes?

Drip, drip, drip. First, look down where your car was parked after you moved out of a parking space. Are you leaking brake fluid? You’re checking for stains or small puddles of fluid that don’t look like oil or coolant. Motor oil will probably have a brown or black look and feel slimy to the touch. Coolant will appear green and more watery. Brake fluid can look like fresh motor oil, but it doesn’t have that slimy feel. You’ll need to get your hands dirty, but check those puddles. If you suspect you are leaking brake fluid, open the hood and check the reservoir (your owner’s manual will tell you where to find the reservoir) is it low? If you’re leaking brake fluid, consult a mechanic immediately. DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR! Without the proper amount of brake fluid in your brake lines, you will not have full stopping power. If you see a puddle of brake fluid, or your brake pedal feels spongy and low, tow it in to your favorite repair facility.

Squeal, squeal, squeal. If the noise from your brakes is constant, you probably have a problem. Consult a mechanic immediately. He or she will check the brake calipers, brake shoes, master cylinder, etc. The cost of the potential repair will vary according to the problem, make and model of your car.

Scrape, scrape, scrape. One sound you should hope never to hear from you brakes is the horrible scraping of metal on metal. In such cases, you have no brake pad left and are literally stopping your car by grinding your metal brake pad holder against your rotors or drums. After only a few instances of this metal on metal friction, you brakes parts will be absolutely ruined. As soon as you hear such metallic scraping, call a tow truck and get to a mechanic ASAP. The money you spend on the tow will be nothing compared to the money you’d spend on an entire new brake system if you keep using the car and scraping to a stop.

Brakes feel funny. What I mean when I say “feels funny” is when the brake pedal feels spongy or lower than normal, or when you have to step on the brakes harder to get the car to stop. Another “feels funny” is when you step on the brake pedal and the car pulls to one side. If you experience any of this when stopping your car, take it to your trusted mechanic to find out why this is happening, and what needs to be repaired.

If you have any doubts about your brakes, ask your mechanic to go for a ride with you to determine if your brakes are working properly and safely. I feel brakes should be at the top of your list of repairs never to be put off. If the car won’t start it is a great inconvenience, but if the car won’t stop, it can be deadly.

Your tires are the only parts of the car that physically touch the ground. For that reason, they are the essential factors affecting your vehicle’s handling while driving, and stopping while braking.