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The Mercedes-Benz launched a new compact family car in the year of 1997 is known as A class cars. The Benz introduced three generations of cars in this class. The first generation is introduced in the year of 1997, the second generation is launched in 2004, and the third generation launched in 2012. A brief explanation of the three generation cars with Mercedes wheels are explained in the following paragraphs.

First Generation Cars

The first generation cars were launched in the autumn of 1997.  The Mercedes kept the car name as W168 line. But it had some problems in the elk test. The Mercedes-Benz introduced the electronic stability control to overcome this problem in A class cars. The electronic stability control is used for reducing and recognizing the traction in a car.

In the period of 1997-2004, the 1.1 million cars had been sold. The engine used in the first generation A class petrol version cars were 1.4L and 1.6L. The engine used in A class diesel version car was 1.7L. The Mercedes long wheelbase is used in the A class cars. The A class first generation cars are mostly produced in the Brazilian plant.

Second Generation Cars

The first generation cars are replaced with the second-generation car in the year 2004. The second generation car is called as W169 line. The second generation cars are established with Mercedes wheels using steel alloys and heavy padded bonded joints. The features of the second generation cars were airbags in the rear seats and thorax protection airbags.

The smart seatbelt was introduced in the second generation cars in order to reduce the collision affect the passengers. The cargo capacity in A class second generation cars was 15 percent larger than first generation cars.

The second generation cars had engines of four petrol type versions and three type versions. The Continuously variable transmission (CVT) is launched in the A class second generation cars. The CVT is used for maintaining the regular angular velocity. The second generation cars had ABS (Antilock Braking System) and Electronic stability control like the first generation cars. What can add more safety to your car? Of course it is nothing but the wheels, so getting best wheels and rims are the most important aspect. Hence always buy wheels and rims from a reputed provider like UsaRim.

Third Generation Cars

The third generation cars are introduced in the year of 2012. The third generation is designed totally different from other two-generation cars. The third generation car is larger than previous generations and its performance is also better than the other two generation cars. The features such as radar-based collision assistant are introduced in the third generation’s cars and the outer look is designed based on F800 cars.

The powerful Mercedes wheelbase is introduced in third generation cars with 4MATIC and curve dynamic assist is also loaded in the third generation cars. The high-performance brake system is also used in this A class cars. The powerful Mercedes wheel is made up of lightweight steel alloys. This alloy wheel is used to increase the life of the tire and increase the performance of the cars.